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  • Sailing

    Gallery: Personal

    An intimate selection of photographs straight from the pages of Nicola's own photo albums!

    Due to the personal nature of these images we politely ask you to respect Nicola's copyright. If you see any of these images elsewhere on the internet we would be grateful if you would alert us.

  • Publicity Shot 5

    Gallery: Publicity

    A selection of publicity photographs from the days of Nicola's first TV appearance right through to recent years.

  • Ride down Mt. Morgan 2

    Gallery: Theatre

    Nicola has appeared in numerous productions including 'Killing Jessica' at the Savoy and 'Ride down Mount Morgan'. Nicola's favourite role is that of Olivia from 'Twelth Night'.

  • Doctor Who 4

    Gallery: TV & Film

    'Doctor Who' aside, Nicola has enjoyed roles in a variety of films and TV shows. In the UK she appeared in the Grant/Naylor produced '10%ers' and was a lead in the BBC's 'The Biz' for over three years.

All images are the copyright of their respective owners and are displayed here under license. Altough we want you to enjoy these images we politely ask you to respect their copyright.